5 Reasons Your Business Website Should Be On WordPress

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Should Be On WordPress

WordPress is currently the #1 blogging platform on the web. Businesses of all types have started using it for content management (CMS) and blogging. WordPress creates the ultimate platform for an all-in-one website solution for your business. If WordPress can’t do it then there’s always a plugin or a theme that can. With 23 million downloads, 12,000+ plugins and 1,285+ themes (see infographic), WordPress is growing in the right direction, and is our platform of choice.

Now on to the top 5 reasons why your business should be using WordPress.

1. Easy to use:

WordPress Editor

If you can write an email you can blog too! WordPress is extremely easy to learn and get into. Once its setup, the non-techie and/or computer-nerd will both find this platform very easy and enjoyable to use. Users like yourself can add plugins allowing you to extend the functionality of your blog, while themes help change up the style and overall look.

Everything you need is available without ever entering code.  WordPress supports endless opportunities to customize and configure your business website.

2. SEO:

SEO or search engine optimization, seems to be the buzzword for internet gurus lately. WordPress has great SEO benefits built right in from…

  • Permalinks: Perma? Links? Permalinks basically poiutn to a specific page or post on your website. They look like this:www.yourdomain.com/my-business-blog-posting. You can change your links to reflect keywords from your posts and pages within WordPress. This is great because search engines now look at these links when ranking websites.
  • Clean Code: Clean code means faster loading websites, less server load and Google now ranks your site based on speed!
  • Tags/Categories: Categories act as keywords all over your site and help organize your content. Tags help with easier navigation to similar content and helps search engine spiders move around your site better.
  • Comments: People can find your site through a search engine from one of your comments. Search engines rank blog posts with comments better than posts with out. So feel free to leave a comment below!

3. Plugins:

12,000+ plugin choices and counting! Even if you have a special need there is probably a “plugin for that” within WordPress. You can search for plugins inside of the WordPress dashboard and with a few clicks it will download the plugin for you and install it onto your site. Plugins do everything from cutting out comment spam, to event booking, ecommerce, galleries/slideshows, posting to social sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin. Plugins  can help give your WordPress site a huge boost in functionality.

4. Blogging:

Blogging is the whole reason WordPress got started. Blogging can have a huge ROI for your business. It can help with attracting an audience while informing, interacting and learning from your customer on your website.

Trust is vital to making sales, gaining customers and encouraging visitors to opt into your lead-generation process. By providing free information and resources through your blog and encouraging people to come back for your next post, readers will become familiar with you and your brand. Over time, this creates a strong bond of trust, making the sales process a whole lot easier.

5. Support & Community:

If you need any help along the way there are thousands of resources available with a simple google search, ‘WordPress help’. Sites like this one and many others provide free resources to help the non-techie to the computer-nerd with WordPress. There are even WordPress Meetups where you can join other WordPress enthusiasts in your community to talk, learn and share your WordPress experiences.

As you can see WordPress is an excellent platform for every real estate business and has an expansive array of features, plugins, themes and community to help you get started. So, which feature is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

John Bunka - Simplex Studios

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