Website Redesign / Refresh

A website refresh will help take your old website and refresh it into a new beautiful design that provides the features your company needs to excel on the web and attract new business. We can help take your website to the next level or catch you up to the current website trends.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Website Refresh


Your site isn't responsive or mobile friendly


Your website simply does not work


You can't edit your own website or control it


Your tools are outdated or unuseable


You are not getting the results you want

Key Steps To A Website Refresh

  1. Research - The more we know the better we can help. We research your website, your competition and we check your stats. We will send you a website questionnaire to get the ball rolling or set up a meeting (online or in person) to talk more about your business.
  2. Setup Goals - What do you want to accomplish with this website refresh?
    Do you want more leads? Would you like to sell more products? downloads? Do you want to educate your audience? Encourage more purchases? Ultimately, what do you want your visitors to do and how will this site keep them engaged?
  3. Planning - The next steps will involve reviewing your current content, adding or deleting content or deleting non-relevant content and making sure key stakeholders are sharing their input. We will plan out steps 4 and 5 while making sure
  4. Design - We will create a website refresh using the latest web stands and best practices to make sure your site stands out from the rest and meets your goals.
  5. Present / Review - We provide a live test site and screenshots to make sure your site matches your brand, your goals and houses your current content effectively.
  6. Launch - Once ready we will migrate the site from the staging/testing server and point your domain name to it.
  7. Training & Maintenance - We will teach you and your team how to effectively use your site to its fullest potential. We also encourage businesses to utilize our website maintenance package to help keep your new site running at its best.

We provide a whole host of solutions to fix your web presence on our services page.

Website Refresh Case Study

Happiness Is A Skill - Jane Schreiner

This website was simply a brochure website. It presented info about the business, training sessions, coaching, and the author's book. The website was created with WordPress but the business owner had minimal control of the site, it also provided a simple contact form and a blog.

Wow, thank you!! ~ Jane Schreiner

Our Website Refresh helped the site catch up with the current web trends and also included:

Website Refresh

Website Refresh for Happiness Is A Skill

  • A responsive mobile friendly website
  • A reorganized menu system
  • Multiple calls to action to attract leads
  • We helped create offers for visitors to receive an ebook in exchange for their email
  • Setup automated emails to keep the audience engaged
  • Cleaned up WordPress giving the business full access to the site
  • Removed outdated software / Fully updated the site
  • Added our suite of recommended and premium WordPress plugins
  • Made recommendations for hosting, marketing, and next steps


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