SEO Consulting

Marketing SEO Consulting: Internet marketing is a board topic but it can also be called, inbound marketing, SEO, social media marketing, or just plain, marketing. We will get together, meet, strategize and set up a few goals that you would like to achieve within the first few months, 6 months and a within a year with your online presence.

This can include starting or gaining social media traction, newsletters, providing offers, utilizing online ads, driving traffic and leads to your website and more.

Take your online marketing to the next level!

Internet Marketing & SEO Consulting Services are tailored to meet your business needs. We can work together with your in-house marketing team or come alongside your business to provide a personalized marketing plan, perfect for your business.

Marketing SEO Consulting Services

Website SEO Audit

On-Page SEO

SEO Content Development

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing


Example Digital Marketing Setup & Planning

An Example Business Digital Marketing Plan

  • Create a 3, 6, or 12-month marketing plan that will lay out the specific strategies and online activities that can help your company reach your lead generation goals.
  • Create Valuable Leads / Content: We will help brainstorm and create value-adds for your clients. Example: Users can sign up for your newsletter and receive a free guide on, "How to boost your XYZ", "Top 5 Questions to ask before (doing this)", etc.
  • Create an Editorial Calendar: In order to keep content flowing smoothly, we'll create a collaborative editorial calendar that will keep all content creators, your team, and your marketing all on the same page.
  • Training, Workshops or Classes: Need more training or a one-on-one hands-on approach? We have taught small classes, seminars, and workshops. Ask us about providing training for you or your company.
  • Monthly Reporting / Monthly Consulting: We provide ongoing strategy and monthly reporting of our progress so you can feel confident that things are moving forward. We'll provide this counsel through a bi-monthly or monthly phone calls or meeting. (if needed)

We'll also spend time helping you analyze your existing results, and strategize for each next step.

Monthly reporting can easily prove the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.