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New Time Limits on SSL Certificates

August 17, 2020

New changes coming to SSL Certificates also known as, the “little green or white lock” or the lock in your address bar. Apple announced the…


Best Web Designer Colorado Springs 2020

May 14, 2020

Expertise voted Simplex Studios as one of the Best Web Designers in Colorado Springs 2020. We are honored to receive this award and we want…


Ideas for COVID-19 Changes to Your Website

April 10, 2020

Simplex Studios is open and helping customers change their business during COVID-19. All meetings are done via video chat or traditional phone calls. We would…

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WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” – Time to Upgrade

December 6, 2019

WordPress has updated again with new features and tons of fixes to the block editing experience. The latest release is WordPress 5.3 with a focus…

Keep Messaging Active on Google My Business

Keep Messaging Active on Google My Business

September 20, 2019

Google My Business Listing is the number one thing we recommend to all businesses after a great website has been built. This helps potential customers…

The Science of Social Media Podcast - Pinterest Strategies - Simplex Studios

The Science of Social Media Podcast – Pinterest Strategies

July 9, 2019

Curious about how to leverage social media in 2019? The Science of Social Media Podcast covers just this. The episode below talks about Pinterest and…


WordPress 5 Officially Launched

December 6, 2018

WordPress 5 officially launched today! It completely changes the editing experience for posts and pages. We used the new block editor for this blog post…


Google My Business App Updated

November 28, 2018

Google My Business app: Discover new ways to connect with your customers, only in the new app. With the new Google My Business app, it’s…

Setup Facebook App Social Media Autoposter SNAP

Setup Facebook App Social Media Autoposter SNAP Tutorial

October 16, 2018

Setup Facebook App Social Media Autoposter SNAP This is a mouthful! The video tutorial below goes through the process of setting up a Facebook App…

Change Facebook Password - Simplex Studios

How to Change Your Facebook Password

October 6, 2018

Change Facebook Password Facebook announced last week that someone breached their systems and 50 million users were affected. Since we don’t know who falls into…

WordPress Gutenberg Notice

WordPress Gutenberg Notice in Your Dashboard

September 14, 2018

WordPress Gutenberg Notice: WordPress is going to add a whole new experience to the posts editor in version 5.0. If you have logged into your WordPress…

Google My Business - Simplex Studios

Google My Business – Google Local Etc

August 17, 2018

Google My Business sounds like you should Google your business, (which you should) but we are actually covering the Google local listings that will help…