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TRANSLATE: Turning Technology into Dollars

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Remaining Classes:

Class #5 on 4/6/2010 | Social Media: Why it is Revolutionizing How We Do Business more info

In case you’ve been living in a cave, Social Media has been fundamentally changing the way we communicate and how we do business. In this introduction to the vast and quickly changing world of Web 2.0, and social media, we’ll strip away the hype and confusion and tell you how you can begin leveraging these powerful tools for your business and doing nothing could be costing you clients!

Class #6 on 4/13/2010 | Advanced Social Media: The Riches are In Niches or Why you need to Specialize in Marketing and in Business

Have you ever told someone that your a Realtor® and the conversation just died? The reason is often that being a Realtor® is just too broad: too general. This ‘generalist problem goes exponential in the world of Social Media. So you may know about the power of social media. You may also have a few profiles set up, but maybe you’re not getting the kind of results you want? In this class we discuss the power of creating a referral network of a SPECIFIC value proposition. Without it, you’re just another generic name in a very crowded room.

Class #7 on 4/20/2010 | Blog-Based Websites: Why They’re Better and Cheaper and Put You In The Driver’s Seat–With Special Guest Teacher, Mariana Wagner of Keller Williams

Do you currently pay through the nose for a site no one visits? Frustrated that that expensive SEO isn’t working? Is your current web solution a bad template through your brokerage? What exactly does it mean to “blog” anyway? Come and learn about ways to have an inexpensive, great website where you can show yourself as an expert in your niches of real estate. Mariana will walk you through many ways of how to use a blog to set yourself apart, educate your clients and better your business.
Class #8 on 4/27/2010 | Taking your Web-Presence to the next Level: Advanced Online Marketing

Building on the material introduced earlier in the series, we will pull it all together to help you translate it into a solid marketing front for your real estate career. This is also a round table discussion about the power of Web 2.0. Additional subjects that will be covered (but not limited too): monetizing Craigslist, Google adwords, pay-per-click, Facebook adwords, email drip campaigns.

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