Day 6: Pandora – 12 Days of Christmas Apps

On the 6th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. Pandora!

Pandora is a personalized internet radio service that helps you discover new music and listen to your favorite tunes. Pandora offers a free service with ads and is just like listening to the radio. You start by entering in a song or band that you like listening to and Pandora will work its magic by paying that song first and then playing similar songs and bands throughout the rest of your day.

Also you can get Pandora streaming radio on your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and Windows mobiles.

Pandora helps me get into the ‘zone’ at work and music has always helped keep the focus (until the phone rings). Pandora also has a premium service named Pandora One. For $36 per year you get the following:


  • You get to use the Pandora One Desktop app and free up browser tabs for work related tasks
  • Unlimited listening (free users get 40 hours a month)
  • No ads!
  • Higher quality 192K bits per second audio
  • Few interruptions – listen for 5 hours straight without interaction with pandora at all
  • Customize your Pandora experience
  • Support a great project!

Get Pandora

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Have a favorite app? Let us know in the comments!

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