Premium plugins that make WordPress awesome

WordPress is awesome right out of the gate. But like most things, there are always ways to take it to the next level and premium plugins, info, and themes can do just that.

A goldmine of info that we have come across can be found at WPMU Dev (! I stumbled upon this site while researching WordPress MU/MS, ways to enhance WordPress and BuddyPress. Since joining they have released countless new plugins fixes and patches that have made my professional WordPress career easier to manage.

The BIG 3 – the most useful plugins that we use on our sites:

  1. WPMU Dev SEO Plugin – This handy plugin takes the confusion out of SEO for site owners while making it very easy to tweak, change settings and setup. Highlights include automatic links, title and meta optimization, SEOmoz report(this is the best) and XML sitemaps.
  2. WordPress Membership – Create a niche community easily with this plugin or building community around your brand. Essentially Membership allows you to transform your WordPress, WPMU or BuddyPress site into a fully functional membership site – where you can provide access to downloads, online content, videos, forums, support and more through flexible membership levels and options.
  3. MarketPress – If you sell anything on the internet then this is worth a look. MarketPress was developed to be a good solid, simple, extensible foundation for a WordPress-Powered store. This also works with all flavors of WordPress including multisite and BuddyPress installs.

All WPMU Dev plugins are cross-browser tested, search engine optimized and have guaranteed updates that always work when WordPress upgrades the core. Just this alone makes it worth it.

Recently WPMU Dev released 20 free plugins into the WordPress world. THANKS!

Free One’s Include:

  1. Membership Lite – Easily create a memberships site
  2. Anti-Splog – Stop and kill spammy MS/Buddypress signups
  3. Advanced Theme Switcher – Allow users to switch between themes
  4. Select Language at Signup – Just as the title reads!
  5. Admin footer text – Change the admin footer
  6. Reports – Display posts and comment activity
  7. Login Redirect – Just as the title reads!
  8. Logout Redirect – Just as the title reads!
  9. User Activity –
  10. WPMU Dixi – CMS Frontpage theme –
  11. Remember Me Checked – Just as the title reads!
  12. Business Services theme –
  13. Site Generator replacement –
  14. BuddyPress Colour Pack – Awesome theme!
  15. Farms 133 themes pack – 133 themes in one
  16. Who Sees Ads for WPMU – Just as the title reads! Works with the admin ads below.
  17. Help, Support and FAQ theme – provide support with this great theme
  18. Admins Ads – Show ads in the admin area
  19. BuddyPress Corporate Theme – Awesome theme!
  20. Blog Activity – See who’s updating what
  21. Update Notifications – Update notifications for these plugins
  22. The EDU blogs forums bbPress theme – Great for any forum

Thanks to WPMU dev for the gold mine of info, great plugins, and themes. We will continue to use their stuff since it is both top-notch and always updated!

John Bunka - Simplex Studios

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