Reasons every business needs a website according to Chris Brogan

A short interview with Chris Brogan!


  • Get a website and establish yourself online.
    Brogan said 60% of U.S. businesses are not online in any fashion — a huge mistake in an age in which most people rely heavily on search engines to find information about businesses
  • Invest in modernized Web design that’s optimized for search.
    Many businesses are still relying on techniques from the 1990s, including Adobe Flash — which isn’t recognized in Google’s search algorithms.
  • Facebook doesn’t constitute an online presence.
    Brogan compared businesses that rely on Facebook pages as their “website” to people who would call a hotel room their “home.” Like a hotel, Facebook doesn’t allow the complete customization you would find in your home — plus, it can kick you out whenever it wants. Facebook is where you congregate fans and reach out to them, but a website is where you establish your identity, Brogan said.

Great info! Short and sweet, what do you think?

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