Landing Pages

Landing pages: You’ve invested time and money in creating a great website and you have put a lot of energy into online advertising but with so many directions for your visitors to take, how can you convert anyone?

The answer is landing pages.

Landing pages are focused on specific calls-to-action and designed to convert people. This can be current customers, potential or people that are just shopping around. It is also a great way to showcase your business, event or product.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are single page websites that have one purpose which you define. Everything else that exists on a normal website, like menus, blogs, tons of imagery etc, are usually stripped away to create a distraction-free website. The purpose of this is to get your user to...

  • Learn more about you or your product
  • Call a phone number
  • Enter their email address
  • Buy a product
  • Learn about an event
  • etc

Landing pages are often used with advertising. Tons of businesses use Google Ads or Facebook Ads and they send people who click on them to their homepage, which is wrong. You want to always spoonfeed your user and send them to exactly what they are looking.

For example: If Simplex Studios has an ad on our Facebook page (here) for landing pages, 😁 , and we send you to our homepage, you will most likely leave because it's not as relevant as the ad. But if we send you to a page like this one, with no menus, chats, or other services and we show you examples of amazing landing pages then you may just convert!


We will create a beautiful landing page design that matches your brand, colors, and specifications. All design are mobile-first which will look great on your phone and on the computer.

We can even create several variations and styles as shown below for a law firm which want yellow and purple.

Landing Page Design: Delicious Apps
Landing Page Design: Law Firm in Purple
Landing Page Design: Law Firm in Yellow


Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Pikes Peak Region came to us looking for a landing page for their Be Big campaign.

Client: Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Pikes Peak Region

The scope of work: Custom WordPress landing site with a backend that anyone could use. No problem!

  • Setup, design, and hosting were provided to help streamline the process.



The art of conversion combined with a beautiful design will help draw people into your content. We will recommend, setup and optimize various campaigns to boost your conversions.

Conversion Types & Setups

  • Lightbox Popup / Exit Popup - One of the highest converting methods even though it has a bad wrap sometimes
  • Fullscreen popup or Welcome Mat - This will pop up and take the entire screen or site above your website header
  • Slide-in Scroll Box High-converting alternative for popups that slides from the corner.
  • Floating Top or Bottom Bar Increase conversions with a footer or header bar that scrolls with you.
  • Countdown Timer Use urgency and scarcity to boost your sales and conversions.
  • Inline Forms Embeddable forms that you can add to landing pages
  • Content Locker Turn any blog post or page into gated content, and the key is an email address

Landing Page Hosting

Landing pages are great for so many things but they do need to live somewhere. This is called hosting, think of it as your landing pages home online. We have had a lot of requests for landing pages for events or landing pages for marketing campaigns that only need to be live for a few weeks to a few months.

We offer landing page hosting to take the headache out of finding a way to host them on your business server.

Example: T-Mobile Colorado Springs needs a landing page for a party. Getting access to their corporate site is impossible but we solve this by hosting it for them.

  • Quick Setup
  • We match your branding
  • Conversions are emailed to you or automatically sent to a Google spreadsheet

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