Where have you (and your blog) been all my life

simplex studiosSimplex Studios recently updated to a newer fresher look, new html5/css3 markup and added in the schema.org markup as well. Our site is now fully responsive to work on your mobile device and we have rolled out many features and connectivity that our clients have enjoyed for years.

We get comments all the time about blogging and one keeps coming up over and over! The question is usually phrased something like this..

You tell me to blog yet your blog is old!
Your main site seems blog free even though you build blogs!

So yes, this is somewhat true, SimplexStudios.com has been a neglected blogging website about blogging… and we are here to tell you why!

The Why


simplex studios agent avenue

Side step over to Agent Avenue (Agentavenue.com), a blog for real estate agents who want to blog (sounds crazy, I know). Here we blog 2-3 times a week and we create 3-5 videos a week as well to further assist clients and potential clients!

That’s a ton of content!

Our most recent content as of this writing is:

  1. WordPress iOS 7: Blogging on the go just got more fun
  2. 2 easy ways to use photos in your marketing
  3. 20 Quick Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts
  4. 7 Tips for Getting Started in Social Media
  5. WordPress 3.6 is here – Say Hello!

simplex studios rental templeRentalTemple.com

We have had so much fun with real estate agents and creating great content for them! So we now also blog about blogging for landlords and property managers at RentalTemple.com.

We have taken a slightly different approach and we are now offering an upcoming online class; so properties managers, investors, landlords etc can build their own WordPress blogs on the cheap with the same great teaching and instruction that we provide to all of our great clients.

Simplex Studios

We love working with professionals in the real estate business but we also enjoy working with nonprofits, ma-pa shops, retails, churches, entrepreneurs and more.

WordPress and blogging has exploded on the web and more and more companies are diving in to help gain more traffic, get more leads, engage with clients, have a conversation with their customers and to beat their competitors online.

We look forward to seeing you on SimplexStudios.com, AgentAvenue.com and the new RentalTemple.com!

John Bunka - Simplex Studios

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