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Our Backup Problem – Synology We Need Your Help!

Recently I researched how I could backup  our business documents, data and client work. I searched all over the internet looking for the ultimate solution and we considered two options:

  1. Backing up to the cloud
  2. Backing up to a shared hard drive or a NAS – network attached storage
Along with a few features we can’t live without:
  • Redundancy – Due to drive failure
  • Accessibility – We have a mixed pc/mac work environment and we are usually on-the-go as well
  • Scalability – We currently have one NAS maxed out on space, though we love it… we need to upgrade!

Scenario: Each machine has client data on it and some of our files are not backed up properly. We have approx 1550GBs spread over the network, that should be accessible to our network of computers but sit on the main machine (which has to remain on at all times). This is not the best scenario but I am sure we are not the only ones.

At this time backing up to the cloud would have a high monthly fee to store this amount of data and files would have to be re-downloaded to certain machines which takes too much waiting time, so local storage is our best option. Other additional benefits is we can encrypt the NAS drive and its easy to setup.

Below is a snapshot of our main machine, which is always on…… clearly we need a better solution!

About 3 months we choose the DS110J from Synology. The DS110J delivers rich features for worry-free backup, internet sharing, and power options that we have fallen in love with. Our need was/is much higher than 1 disk NAS drive but we needed to test the waters before diving into something permanent.

The Synology DS1511+ would be perfect for our setup and would give the redundancy, accessibility and scalability that we truly need to backup and access client work on-the-go! We would fill each drive bay right off the bat and keep our current DS110J on the network as well. This will allow everyone to access everything on their phones/ipad and at work.


The Synology DiskStation DS1511+ would give the performance we require and future proof our current setup!

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