Beta – A Twitter app made to find the best shared content – Perfect for bloggers

Since we all are bloggers one way or another we try to produce the best content ever! Either every day, once a week or dare I say once a month. Keeping up with the onslaught of links, things to read and twitter can be a nightmare. So this week we are trying out Beta and have 3 invites to give away as well.

Enter, this app orders all the Tweets from your stream on the basis of most mentioned and retweeted. So at one glance, you will see the hot and most-discussed news items in your timeline. Easy right?

It also shows who mentioned the links as well. When you hover over a link you can choose to read it now within the app or read it later which sends it to

Workflow tips: If you really don’t want to open another site each day, simply subscribe to your own top news and the app will deliver updates straight to your inbox.

What do you think? Want a beta invite? Leave a message in the comments and I will email you.

John Bunka - Simplex Studios

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