Ideas for COVID-19 Changes to Your Website

Ideas for COVID-19 Changes to Your Website

Simplex Studios is open and helping customers change their business during COVID-19. All meetings are done via video chat or traditional phone calls. We would love to help you with your website during this time. Contact us today or call 719-623-5208

Below are a few ideas that we have helped people implement on their websites. If you have any questions please ask, we would love to help.

Ideas for COVID-19 Changes to Your Website

1. Add a Button or Banner
Add a COVID-19 banner or button to the top of your site letting your customers and potential customers know where you stand currently and how to get a hold of you.

Additionally, you can point people to request services or make orders. Always remember to add links to services and contact areas to make it easy to get ahold of you and buy services.

Example Button / Banner:

Ideally if you need more text I would link it to a whole page dedicated to updates about your company.

2. Chip in and Help
Add a Form to help people by letting people request products, services or even make donations if you are a nonprofit to support the efforts of your company or to help support your community.

This all depends on the type of business you have. We have helped several nonprofits collect money that is earmarked to helping those impacted by this crisis.

Ways you can help:

Have Toilet paper? Masks? Willing to pick up groceries for the elderly? Have food delivered etc? Not sure how to help? Contact nonprofits in your area to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Example Donation Form:

Example of nonprofit donation form used to help first responders

3. Educate Your Employees or Customers
Adding a learning management system to your website or intranet site is a great way to train your staff, educate customers or even sell training, while people are all at home.

Typically this is know as an LMS or Learning Management System.

Learning Management System LMS - Simplex Studios
Learning Management System LMS – Simplex Studios

Setting up this type of system requires something to teach but we all have something we can teach people!

4. Sell Products?
If you sell products and you don’t have an eCommerce website it may be time to consider one.

Being able to ship products digitally or physically can both boost sales and keep you in the black when your customers are not allowed to visit your storefront.

This will also be beneficial to you after this crisis allowing you to sell on multiple platforms.

Simplex Studios helped us build an eCommerce platform for selling our world tour trips. This allowed us to focus on our clients and also provide a streamlined shopping experience for our travel clients.

We have started selling 2021 trips and we are excited to keep our business moving forward.

~ eCommerce Client

Ideas for Business – Adding eCommerce:

We love to brainstorm and if you just want someone to bounce ideas off of, contact us, we would love to help and just talk.

Coffee Shop: Start shipping your coffee, provide how-to tutorials for making the perfect cup and even look at coffee subscriptions.

NonProfit: Ask for COVID-19 Donations, support your current efforts by posting them to social media and sell relevant products to raise money and awareness

Bike Shop: Create a course on how to do the perfect tune up. Sell bike parts online or even host video chats to help with repairs.

General Business: Setup an eCommerce shop and start delivering products to local customers and shipping beyond your local areas.

  • Restaurants can deliver food
  • Office Supply can deliver home office supplies
  • Pet Store could deliver dog food

We love to help and have been supporting Colorado Springs for 15+ years. We love our clients and helping people learn how to leverage their websites to better their business and ultimately help your customers.

Stay healthy and safe.

We would love to help you with your website during this time. Contact us today or call 719-623-5208

John Bunka - Simplex Studios

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