WordPress Powers 30% of the Top 10 Million Websites

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WordPress Powers 30% of the top 10 million websites. Simplex Studios

WordPress Powers 30% of the Top 10 Million Websites – BIG NEWS!

Announced March 6, 2018 – This is tracked by a website called, W3Techs and the number refer to the top 10 million websites tracked by another site called, Alexa (not the Amazon Alexa everyone is thinking about. It also counts websites from WordPress.com and WordPress.org site, while both versions run WordPress, they do have big differences.

WordPress sites are apart of a service that Automattic runs. This gives you a small taste of WordPress and allows you to have a website, your own domain name and a blog. This is a great service for bloggers, mommy bloggers, people looking to share their experiences and life. The learning curve for website design, setup, and hosting is easy. You just sign up and the service takes care of the rest. Simplicity also comes with a price: restriction and money. the price is not bad but the restrictions can limit what your site does, how it functions and your site will also have ads on it. A warning to businesses is to not use this for business due to the ads. Imagine having a great website but your competition is advertising on your site – ouch. Learn More at  https://wordpress.com/

WordPress dot org truly shows you the power of WordPress and why people always choose this version in the end. We highly recommend using WordPress.org for business use. this version of WordPress requires more setup than the previous version. You will need website hosting, a domain name and to be tech savvy (or hire someone like us). WordPress.org give you the power to add custom functionality from forms, applications, videos, property listing, live chats, business services, which can all be customized to look great on mobile, a laptop or computer.

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WordPress Powers Details:

[ Via: WP Tavern ]

W3Techs, a survey company that monitors usage of various web technologies, is reporting that WordPress has reached 30% usage or 60.2% market share of all the websites whose content management systems it knows about. This represents a 0.6% increase since February 1st and 13.1% over the last seven years.

When it comes to WordPress’ market share numbers, W3Techs is the most cited source. While some say that WordPress now powers 30% of the web, technically, it is used by 30% of the top 10 million sites based on traffic according to Alexa. All sub-domains on WordPress.com and WordPress.org count as one site.

The internet is larger than the top 10 million sites. According to Internet live stats, there are close to 2 billion sites on the internet although a majority of them are inactive. W3Techs’ numbers show that WordPress’ use is growing on sites that receive a lot of traffic and shows no signs of slowing down as it makes its way towards 50%.

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