Free Google Adwords credit for your business

Let’s get your business to show up on Google! We have 20 new $100 Google Adwords coupons to give away to businesses who want to get in front of new customers.

Run an easy-to-create ad on Google that appears to potential customers searching your area for exactly what you offer. Google wants you to create your ad and run it before June 30, 2012 to use the $100 in free advertising. This is a great way to get started.

Message us and we will send you one!


*Edit* Please provide the following

  • Type of business you are in 
  • What you do etc
  • State in the USA
  • If you can use them before June
* We are out and any new ones are only for new customers seeking adwords guidance, thanks to everyone who posted*


  1. Can I please get one?

  2. Ok, I have 19 left!

  3. I would love one if you have any more

  4. Hi,

    I’d like to get one of your Adwords coupons to promote my services.


  5. John,
    We would love one. We trying to get the word out about our new business in N Colorado.


  6. Hello,

    If you still have any more Adwords vouchers I’d like to get one.

    Thank you in advance,


  7. 15 left for anyone who is wondering

  8. Organic dry eye compress says:

    We are a company specializing in dry eye aids and would appreciate a code to try adwords. We are in CT and can use prior to June. Thanks in advance!

  9. Thomas Brambor says:

    We are a local nursing care provide and would love to try out a google adwords campaign. Any more coupons to give away?


  10. Do you have any more codes? I could really use one for advertising my theatre co. in Tucson, AZ. Thanks!

  11. I wonder if you still have anymore adwords credit left. I have a new site that sells Mobile phone watches and will like to use the adwords to promote my site.If you have any left, i truly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance.

  12. We are located in Atlanta, GA in the USA and will use it before june.

  13. Please send me one, I need it.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Joshua Soileau says:

    If you still have free coupons, I’d love to have some adwords credit.

  15. Laura Pepin says:

    Please consider me. This is my first website eer and I have been working very hard to get it going. I had a coupon through my website of $75 and usd it and I sure could use another. I have depleeted all my funds trying to make this work and I am desperate. Please help me.

    Thanks so Much

  16. Kenny K. says:

    We could use one! We are an Airboat Tour business in Vero Beach, FL. I am helping the owner rebuild the business after since he broke his back a few years back. We would definitely use the credit before June 30!

  17. I am a pool man who just started my own site for my business I’ve been running for 7 years in southern California, and this would be fantastic! I’ll use it right away if I can get one. Thanks in advance!

  18. We are fresh out and any new ones are only for new customers seeking adwords guidance, thanks to everyone who posted.

  19. A friend of mine is interested in your Google coupons.

    Can they be used in any country?


  20. Do you have any left??Please send me?

  21. can we please get a google coupon if you have one left. we are a manufacturer of lawn and garden products and want to start using adwords. We are located in WI. thanks :)

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