Update Your Website – Why or Why Not?

Update Your Website - Simplex Studios
Update Your Website – Simplex Studios

Websites are the ideal way to let each of our customers know what you are all about but don’t forget to update your website. This is typically an afterthought but it shouldn’t be. Finding new customers is your goal and selling more products. Not updating can hinder your website experience or cause it to get hacked or break.

Every business has one or more websites to help customers learn how to contact them and view the services you provide. Software today provides features and benefits that all site owners can quickly add to keep their websites current and trendy.

Did you know that if your website follows the common trends on the internet that it will help your site feel familiar to your customers, even if they have never been to it. Helping your users navigate your site helps them make a positive decision about your business which is a win-win for everyone.

~ Simplex Studios Design Team

Websites should be updated on a regular basis. We recommend weekly, as security updates come out on a regular basis.

Items that need to be updated include:

  • – Plugins
  • – Themes
  • – WordPress or the software platform you are using
  • – Scripts / Code
  • – PHP Versions
  • – Privacy Policies (if you have added new features, ecommerce or forms)

Simplex Studios provides the easy route where we handle each update for you and monitor updates as they come up. In addition to updating a backup should be taken before an update takes place. This way if the update goes south which happens quite often. the website can be rolled back to the previous version quite quickly with minimal downtime. We also provide a monthly report listing all the updates that happened within the last month. For more information please contact us.

Update Your Website – Must Haves

Tips: Every Website Should Have the Following On Each Page

  • Name of Your Company
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Commonly known as the N.A.P.! It seems so simple but some websites don’t follow these rules. A great place for this info is in the footer of the website which should have your N.A.P. and other prominent information about your business such as a contact form link, privacy policy, terms and conditions, or additional helpful links. After you have your name, address, and phone number listed we highly recommend to all of our clients to signup for a profile with “Google My Business” listing to help your site rank well and provide your info on the largest search engine.

Update Your Website – Maintenance & Backups

According to research 86% of websites get hacked because of outdated WordPress core, themes & plugins. Simplex Studios truly cares about website security and your peace of mind. That is why we have provided WordPress maintenance to ease the pain for keeping websites up-to-date.

~ WordPress Reports

We fix a lot of broken sites and hacked websites. Typically after restoring them back to their broken states the number one issue we come across is the website has not been updated or worse, it has not been updated or backed up.

Side Note: Simplex Studios’ monthly updates and maintenance service keeps 30 days of backup at any given time to ensure the safekeeping of your website.

We will of course put the site back together to its original state if possible or update it from there but it typically costs more than it would to just maintain it in the first place which can be a hard lesson to learn.

Update Your Website – Final Thoughts

Monthly or weekly website updates are the best way to keep your website moving and getting in front of your customer base. There are several tools or services which can assist you with this task or companies such as Simplex Studios to help you with your efforts to ensure your website is always ready for the next customer. Have a question about website maintenance, updates, or anything else please reach out to Simplex Studios, we would love to help!

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