Free online course from Google: Turn yourself in a “power searcher”

Power Searching with Google

Want to solve everyday problems? Google says they can help you do this with their new “power search” course. Google is offering six 50 minute interactive courses spread over two weeks for free.

You’ll learn how to use advanced search features to find what you need, solve problems and become a Google ninja -and you even get a certificate at the of it to hang on your refrigerator.

The following Google tools will be used as well:

  • Google Groups
  • Google Moderator
  • Google+
  • Hangout on Air

Power Searching Schedule:

Pre-class assessment

  • Class 1 – Introduction [ available July 10 ]
  • Class 2 – Interpreting results [ available July 11 ]
  • Class 3 – Advanced techniques [ available July 12 ]

Mid-class assessment

  • Class 4 – Find facts faster [ available July 17 ]
  • Class 5 – Checking your facts [ available July 18 ]
  • Class 6 – Putting it all together [ available July 19 ]

Post-class assessment

Official sign up is located here

via The Official Google Blog

Are you going to sign up? or are you already a search ninja?

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