Infographic – Email on your mobile

Its no surprise that most people do check their email on their mobiles or tablets. I know I do it every time I have to wait for anything or when I am traveling!

Mobile is becoming one of the leading ways your message is received by people, your clients and future customers.

Responsive design is the key to making sure your next marketing campaign is successful across all devices! Check out the infographic below from about how users view your messages.

The study found:

  • Where and when subscribers are interacting with your email
  • Year-over-year (March ’11 – March ’12), Email opens on mobile devices grew 82.4%, and is on track to surpass both desktop and webmail email views by midyear.
  • Apple devices account for 85% of all mobile email opens.
  • Time of day influences which device people read emails on with desktop email clients being the most popular during the weekday and webmail and mobile being more popular during the weekend.

mobile email ipad


Do you check your phone, ipad or other device more than your desktop?

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