Simplex Studios is officially a Godaddy Pro Member

Simplex Studios is officially a Godaddy Pro Member

Simplex Studios is officially a Godaddy Pro Member

Simplex Studios is officially a Godaddy Pro Member which allows us to provide the best service to customers or potential customers who currently use Godaddy!

We are all about making things easier for you when we can. The majority of our clients use Godaddy for their domain names and Godaddy Pro makes it easier to allow us to access and manage your DNS, set up email, configure hosting etc – all from one place.

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Simplex Studios is officially a Godaddy Pro Member – The Benefits to You

  • We can securely log in to your GoDaddy account with a single click. No more juggling passwords or figuring out who has access to what. Simply grant us access and we can get in quickly to make any needed changes on your behalf.
  • We can activate and manage your products – all without compromising your security.
  • We can create a shared shopping cart, we add in what you need, then you add in the payment info.
  • We can offer you discounts, coupon etc on domain names, hosting and more when they are available

Simplex Studios Provides

  • Website design for business, startups, and more – Learn about our website design services
  • Website hosting – Moving website, migrating, switching hosts or need website hosting recommendations? We can help – See more here
  • Social Media Marketing – We provide consistent social media marketing for clients that need a boost in the social media department. We can work alongside your current team or can jump in and take over your marketing wherever you need it. We also produce or help you produce great content to make sure you are always ready for the next customer and to help you provide true value on your social media channels.
  • See an overview of the services we provide (Website Services) or contact us today with any questions you may have here


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