Summary of 2010

2010 has come and gone! It’s crazy to think that January 2011 is almost over as well. I wanted to include a yearly wrap up of 2010 blog stats for this site. In 2010 Simplex Studios produced 45 posts with 201 attachments in total on, as well as 70 posts on other sites (guest posting); not bad at all.

Guest Posts are on:

The number of posts in each month:

March: 2 (4.44%)
April: 1 (2.22%)
May: 1 (2.22%)
July: 12 (26.67%)
August: 3 (6.67%)
September: 5 (11.11%)
October: 8 (17.78%)
November: 5 (11.11%)
December: 28 (62.22%) – busy month!

TOP 10 most commented posts in 2010:

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John Bunka - Simplex Studios

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