WordPress 3.5 is almost here!

WordPress 3.5 will be ready in just a few short weeks! December 5 is the official release for WordPress 3.5. So what can you expect?

  • Cleaner interface: the beta looks great and everything seems simplier and cleaner all around
  • Media Library Overhaul:  Cleaner to start the media library now has infinite scroll, drag and drop images and a new easier to find button which clients will love!
  • Appearance: A simplified welcome screen. A new color picker. And the all-HiDPI (retina display) dashboard.
  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation and screen reader support have both been improved.
  • Plugins: You can browse and install plugins you’ve marked as favorites on WordPress.org, directly from your dashboard.
  • Mobile: It’ll be easier to link up your WordPress install with our mobile apps, as XML-RPC is now enabled by default.
  • Links: Finally! They are gone! Hidden! The Link Manager for new installs is gone. (Don’t worry, there’s a plugin for that.)
  • Multisite – For developers, switch_to_blog() is now used in more places, is faster, and more reliable. Also: You can now use multisite in a subdirectory, and uploaded files no longer go through ms-files (for new installs).

Are you excited for another great release?

John Bunka - Simplex Studios

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